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    Tri booting osx, xp and vista
    I've just discovered my flat mate has vista, and I therefore have to try it immediately!

    I've been dual booting using bootcamp with osx and xp for 18 months and it's been great. I don't want to have to go back any steps, I just want to have the option to boot vista on startup. I partitioned 32gb for xp using bootcamp when I first set it all up - would I have to partition this again in windows and run vista from that, or can I use a partition from another drive (does bootcamp allow me to partition another drive to run another os?). I imagine it would work fine if I installed it on a new partition of the bootcamp partitioned 32gb, but that drive is then getting a bit tight for space.

    I've read plenty of reports of people booting all 3 os's, but their descriptions all seem to start from the beginning (downloading bootcamp, etc...)

    any ideas?

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    You don't actually need Bootcamp to install another OS. You can create another partition and install the OS yourself. The only problem is you'll need a program which will allow you to boot the other OS. I can't remember the name, but is you search around you'll probably find it, or someone will come along who knows.

    All you should have to do is create another partition using Disk Utility, and then boot from you install CD by holding C (I think that's the key) when you boot your computer. I've never done it myself, but I'm guessing from there the install should be just like it is with Bootcamp where you choose your partition to install and you're all set.
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    Umm, You really don't need to try Vista. It's the OS that is driving people to Apple faster than any other. Shouldn't that tell you something? ;-)

    Personally, I'd suggest downloading a 30-day trial of Parallels or VMWare Fusion. Vista will let you run for 30 days without a valid key, so you can try it that way without much effort. If you then decide that it's worth keeping, then you can go about obtaining a proper license. Not a bad deal if you're just going to try it. Especially if you're going to join the masses and delete it afterwards.

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