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    Unhappy Hello, Help and Thankyou (in advance)
    Hello to all forum members. Brilliant resource you guys have here! Its a shame my first post has to be one of this nature, but here it goes if anyone can help...

    I have an Intel MacBook running leopard (10.5.1). I recently had XP installed on a partition through the bootcamp assistant. After realising I couldn't use the features I needed I decided to remove Windows XP (again via bootcamp), restoring the HD to one partition.

    Unfortunately, now my Mac automatically starts by going into a black screen telling me 'NO BOOTABLE DEVICE--INSERT DISK AND PRESS ANY KEY' or something like that.

    Now you guys are probably laughing at the mistake I've made but I'm confused as I thought it was deleted. I now have to hold 'alt' in just to select the Macintosh HD (which is the only option anyway)

    Any ideas???

    Do I need to re-install XP, the uninstall again?


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    Have you deleted the partition through the bootcamp assistant?
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    Yeah I used the bootcamp assistant.

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    Not sure, maybe you had it set to auto boot to XP?
    Give a try booting while holding down the option key and see if it allows you to choose your MacIntoshHD from there.

    Nevermind I see you said that..

    Go into system preferences - startup disk - and select your MacIntosh HD there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobtomay View Post
    Go into system preferences - startup disk - and select your MacIntosh HD there.
    Thats exactly what I was going to say.. should fix your problem right up.

    But welcome to the forums! You are welcome to stay as long as you wish.
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    Excellent, all is restored and back to normal....

    Thanks everyone

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