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    What version of Vista do I need? New to Boot Camp.
    Hello, I have a late 2006 Macbook Pro 2.33 Ghz Core 2 Duo w/ 3gigs of RAM version and am looking to install Vista via bootcamp. I have settled on the Home Premium version but do I need to buy the 32 bit version or 64 bit for the laptop I have. Any information for a Boot Camp noob would be appreciated.

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    what benefits are there if not a bit of a blonde question with 32 and 64 bit o.O

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    For most people there will be no significant benefit at this point. It's certainly faster at processing instructions, but the problem is many of the applications on the market haven't yet been re-developed to provide 64-bit instructions to the CPU. That being said, it's always very cool to run the latest, greatest, bleeding-edge code if you can handle the risk.

    And here's the biggest risk right now: Not many of the more popular Anti-virus packages out there are capable of supporting 64-bit hardware. And a few of them simply will not run on 64-bit Operating Systems. Right now, the one I know of that's effective on 64-bit XP and Vista is Kaspersky. You can get a trial on, and I would seriously recommend doing trials of all vista x64 products before buying them, as some will perform better than others.
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    Why are you going to install vista?
    Will not Xp do what you want?
    and at a cheaper cost

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    you want the XP version.
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    I'm running 32 bit Vista Ultimate in Bootcamp and have Fusion installed as well that runs it out of the Bootcamp partition when I want it to. Vista Ultimate is the closest Win OS to OSX. I've had no problems. I have a 2.4 ghz 4 GB MBP. I use Vista Ultimate for work.

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