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    Exclamation Help Formatting From Vista to XP..
    Every time I enter setup and boot from the WIN XP CD (and its a legit copy for change) lol..

    I get this message and a beautiful blue screen..

    "Setup did not find any hard drives installed in your computer. Make sure any hard discs are powered and connected and that the related configuration is correct."

    I have never had this problem lol

    And clearly I'm over it lol..



    and this is just a re enforcement as to why I hate WINDOWS.
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    That wouldn't be the blue screen of death for windows, would it?
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    You are trying to downgrade from Vista to Windows XP? Well first thing you need to do is backup your important files on the Vista partition and format it. Really... just start over using the Boot Camp utility. You can't (or shouldn't) go backwards with OS installs. You may have to use Disk Utility to simply delete the Vista partition and resize the OS X partition to reclaim the space.

    BTW... your XP disc... it DOES have SP2 pre-patched on it, right?

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