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Thread: Bootcamp Vista Question

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    Bootcamp Vista Question
    I apolgise for what may be an obvious question.

    Due to an Open University course im doing I need to install Vista on my MBP. Once ive got it up and running (I still need to buy a copy of Vista) will I still be able to get online via wireless?

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    the wireless driver should be added for your wireless during the boot camp install process

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    Not a problem. I have been using a wireless connection with Vista for months now. The wireless driver automatically installed during the bootcamp install process. The wireles connection works with VMWare Fusion as well.

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    just make sure you install the mac-windows driver after installing vista...
    just insert your leopard disk when done, and the setup screen should appear

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    It works just fine. I've been using Vista on my MBP for a few months now as well. Just like NPuter said, insert the Leopard disk after installing Vista - all the drivers you need are all there and will automatically install.

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    If you are only doing the install for the coursework, let me suggest that you install it in Fusion or Parallels instead of repartitioning your drive. That way, when you are done with the course, you can drag the install off to your backup or external drive and have your space back.

    Of course, the other benefit of doing it in Fusion or Parallels is that your mac will handle the wireless issues, and XP or Vista will see what looks like a wired interface.
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