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    The F Number Keys
    I installed windows xp on my macbook pro, but because its a mac, the default settings for the f keys is that you have to hold on to "fn" in order to use to f keys. is there any way that i can change the settings so that i can use the f keys on the top without holding on the "fn"?

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    are you running windows natively with bootcamp or with virtual software?
    which version of OS X are you using?

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    Im using OSX Leopard, and i used boot camp to partition my disk and installed windows on it so i can use windows when i turn on my comp. im not using parallels.

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    There should be a "Boot Camp" icon somewhere in your Control Panel (In Vista it's under System & Maintenance) - you can toggle the f1-f12 keys to use the fn key or not

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