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    Unhappy MacOS 9- Lost Admin Password

    My friend bought a G3 iMac with OS 9.2 on it and he can't access anything due to the fact that he dosen't have the admin password. He can get into the guest, but not the admin. I can't find my OS 9 disks I have, and the person he got it from dosen't know it either... I remember reading a long time ago that there was a way to get into the admin password or change it. I just don't remember what it was.(Been a long time sine I worked with OS 9!) Can anyone help me? Thanks!

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    Sign in as a guest, if you can get in the preferences folder trash the admin
    preference file and or password files and restart. Some times this works
    otherwise you will need OS install dics to change the password.
    If you keep punching in the wrong password you will be give clues
    to the real one.

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    Do you have any media, that you can boot from. If so, then you can do what was suggested above.
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