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    Hi All,

    I am using Windows XP in Macbook Pro with Leopard. We take screenshots in windows normally using ALT + Print Screen. I am not able to that because i don't have Print screen key on the keyboard. I can take the screen shot in Mac environment but cannot paste in Windows environment. My requirement is to be able to take screenshot either in windows or mac but i have to paste it in windows document or e-mail.


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    Use the F13 button... same key.

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    Shift, Apple key and 3 ......doh. Need to read the question stupid.
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    My MBPro has F buttons thru F12, and to the right of that, the CD eject key.

    In WinXP when I press Shift & Apple & 3 keys at once I don't see anything happened. I read that 3key combo works in MacOS....

    I do have an old Windows Photosuite s/w that can capture screen & save as jpg. But it won't install on this WinXP setup because of some conflict with some other software I installed first. My understanding is I could re-install WinXP, install Psuite first, and be able to use it. If I could use another function to create pics from screen capture I'd rather that.


    P.S. More reading on this forum lead me to find this utility "Screenhunter" with free version; tried it and I like it:

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