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Thread: flash plugin for mac OS 9 and 8

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    flash plugin for mac OS 9 and 8
    Hello every body

    I have 2 performas and I don't know how to install flash player or flash plugin. Can you help me how to install flash plugin for internet exporer 5 or flash player 6 (or higher) in my old mac? I use Mac OS 9.1 for performa and Mac OS 8.6 for another performa.

    Or do you have any suggestion, idea, or something? The important point is my performas could be read swf file.

    Thanks for taking the time

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    The plugin goes in the web browsers plugin folder,just drag and drop it in that folder.

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    adobe no longer supports mac os 9 and does not have any available downloads

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    You can try or They may still have the older versions.
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