Greetings to all...As a new member I offer the following solution I recently discovered. I hope it hasn't been posted before but here goes.........

I've been primarily a Windows user and PC builder for the past 15 years or so. AlthoughI did own an Apple IIe way back when. Recently I recieved a Mac Pro as a gift and was thus brought into the World of Macs. I was a bit concerned with the temperatures that were exhibited when running Win XP or OSX. Compared to the temperatures running on my PC's the Mac Pro's temps were anywhere from 5 to 10 degress C higher at idle and when pushed would go into the mid 80's C.

I know that heat will affect performance causing the computer to do things like freeze ups,reboots, or BODs. It also affects equiptment longevity. What I discovered is a program called smcFanControl 2.1 (Google it). The program is installed on the Mac's OSX where it allows you to control the fan speeds directly through the OS. If installed correctly you will see and hear the fans speed up with a corresponding decrease in temperatures when regulated. Reboot into Windows and the seetings should hold as long as you dont power down. My Windows Temps are now registering betwwen 29 and 31 C at idle and never more than mid 50's C under load. The progarm even allows you to regulate the GPU fan. The are only 2 drawbacks, first; in order for the program to work you must boot into OSX first and then reboot into Windows through Bootcamp. Second; a little more noise. The setting will keep if using sleep mode.

Being a PC user all these years I'm used to noise. I've have one overclocked PC that runs as loud as a window mounted AC unit but it runs cool. I would rather have computers run a little louder and perform better. You can moderate the fans any way you like so you can keep the noise and temps to a happy medium. I hope the info helps.

Equiptment: Mac Pro w(2)/2.66 MHZ CPU's
2 MB of RAM
Nvidia 7300 GT
3 HD's
5 fans