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Thread: windows video card problem

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    windows video card problem
    just installed windows on my mac an i try to put on a game but it says that there is no video card but there obviously is.. an i really dont know what to do cause usually with windows an on my other computer it came with a driver cd to in stall all of them but theres none for macs.. so if anyone has had the same problem, or knows what to do give me a shout.. thanks

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    What is the video card?

    bootcamp asked you if you wanted to create a driver CD for windows, you should of said yes...... (i beleive you can still do this by going into OSX, running bootcamp setup assistant and it will ask if you want to burn a driver cd.

    if it is ATI go to and download drivers
    if it is NVIDIA go to and find the drivers from download drivers.

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    ok nvm ended up using the install disc for mac os x which installed the drivers but there still isn't any sound which is kinda gay cause everything else works

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