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    activating windows on parallels
    i got bootcamp and parallels on my mac at the same time
    but i cant activate my windows on parallels because i got it on bootcamp
    isnt there anyway i can activate it? (its a trial version of parallels, im checking how good parallels is if i want to buy it

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    Well are you running the Bootcamp partition through Parallels or did you do a whole new install? If you're running the Bootcamp partition, I wouldn't think you'd need to reactivate it. If it's a whole new install...

    Well, if you're only trying out Parallels it doesn't really matter if you activate it can still use Windows for thirty days without it. But will you be using your Bootcamp partition or a whole new one if you do end up getting Parallels? If you use your Bootcamp partition, like I said, you shouldn't need to activate it again. If you want a new install, then it's technically illegal, but there are a few ways you can go. The illegal way would be to download a "crack," but I can't discuss that kind of thing here. A semi-legal way would be to use the "Activate by Phone" option when it asks you to install. It will give you a phone # to call Microsoft. Tell Microsoft you updated the **** out of your old PC and had to reinstall Windows, too, but it doesn't recognize it as the same computer anymore because of all your hardware upgrades. They will give you a new activation code.

    As a sidenote--also try out Fusion. Personally, I use Fusion and like it. From what I hear, most say it's better than Parallels.

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    I activated my Windows install when running it via Fusion, and it really shouldn't be any different for Parallels. Is it not allowing you to activate? What is it doing?
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    your not supposed to have 1 version installed twice, on the same computer, against the EULA, if it wont activate over the internet then you need to call them and explain this to them, i had XP on bootcamp, ditched bootcamp, and installed XP via parellels instead and i had to activate it over the phone.

    if you get the error it has been activated too many times, then you bought an OEM version. if you have only installed it on your macbook, then call apple and tell them you simply reinstall XP under VM software on the EXACT same hardware it was activate on prior.

    it is not illegal to reinstall it and activate it, it is illegal to have it run on more then one system at a time.

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