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    Question Transfering PowerBook 520c floppies to a <gulp> Windows PC

    I have many, many floppy discs from my college days when I owned a PowerBook 520c. Currenty, however, I have a Sony Vaio running windows ...

    I was wondering if anyone here had any advice as to what kind of floppy disc drive I should buy to see if the photos and text and emails on those discs still exist. I know there is some difference that I am not fully understanding of between the floppy formating styles of Macs and PCs even 10 or 12 years ago when my PowerBook still worked (it doesn't anymore, which is why I can't just use that)

    Anyways, thanks for any help in advance,

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    Well ...Jpeg pics may open on the PC,but anything in a Mac app will not. You
    can still find usb external floppy drives. Try to fix the power book or find a somewhat newer Mac with a floppy drive.

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    You will need a usb floppy drive for the viao, but the PC will not read Mac formatted disks without a little help.

    Additionally the PC will Need something like Macdrive to see the mac disks

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