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    What are the keyboard shortcuts to end a program on a mac in XP. In the PC world it would be Ctrl+Alt+Del.

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    I Think it is Control + Command + Delete (Command replaces Alt on Mac keyboard).

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    "...a program on a Mac in XP..." What? Are you running XP on your Mac and you want to send a Ctrl-Alt-Del command? It depends on how you are running XP (native or virtual) but it's still comes down to Ctrl-Alt-Del. In some virtual Windows machine situations you need to press Function-Ctrl-Alt-Del.

    Ending unresponsive programs in OS X is a different story. As you probably know by now, Control-Command-Delete doesn't do anything.
    Programs running in OS X are in the Dock. Right-click the icon and choose Force Quit, or switch to the program (click the icon) and press Option-Command-Esc.
    Responding programs can be ended by right click...Quit or Command-Q.

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