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MACyMouse 01-18-2008 11:50 PM

Drawing Error? (PC user questions)
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Hey... need a Hard core or long time PC user to answer this question?

My gf's laptop screen looks like the this *see attachment*.... she had the "lid" replaced about a year ago and it's doing it again.... the warranty was only for 3 months... she got another quote for $580 AUD.

Well.... the problem comes and goes... talking to her now she said she could see her mouse pointer but only side to side, not up and down.. and she could make squiggly colors... was having fun with it LOL... she took a digital picture (which she hasn't sent to me yet) and then suddenly her screen came back to normal.

Now MY guess....... and JUST a guess... is that this is a drawing error? I've had this happen to my PC before, when a program would freeze or something and the window kinda does that repeat thing all over the place?But what causes this? Is it her LCD screen? or something internally? Graphics/Video card going?

When she gets here to the states (in 2 weeks) we want to try and get it fixed for her, and knowing the problem might help in finding a solution easier and as cheaply as possible.

Any suggestions?

Her laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A100
40g HD
Until she gets here I can't tell you much more on the specs. She uses her computer for email, pictures, music and talking to me.

MACyMouse 01-20-2008 12:01 AM


Anyone? :(

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