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Thread: Make Boot selector screen automatic

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    Make Boot selector screen automatic
    I have a new Macbook with Leopard and am loving it. I have never owned a Mac before and regret not getting one earlier. As much as I love Leopard, I still have my needs for XP. Boot camp went smooth for the most part and everything works great. My biggest complaint is hitting that option key to get to the boot selector. Is there any way to make that screen pop up automatically. I have searched all over and did find one post. The post stated there might be a program that will allow it, but the poster didn't know what it was called. I would appreciate anyones help.

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    install rEFIt: httP://

    it is its own bootloader that loads whenever the computer starts

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    Check out my signature for another alternative.
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    Try using BootPicker with BootCamp

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