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    Apple IIe Games running on an iMac?
    I have an Apple 2 E that I have had since I was a kid and now I am moving and don’t have anywhere to put it. There are some games I would like to keep though.

    I would like to move them to my imac and run them in some kind of emulation.

    Any ideas?

    Also I have the problem of them being on 5 inch floppy disks.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    there is a guide to transfering here

    is your imac POwerPC or intel

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    Apple IIe, Games, 5 1/4 " disk transfers
    Some (google) searches may turn up some answers.

    There are a few good Apple II emulators for the Mac.
    Virtual ][
    and others.

    There are Apple II games archived in various places. Some of these may retain copyrights, but if you already own the game there may be exceptions. Here is a site with Apple II games:

    It is possible to copy the contents of your 5 1/4 " disks to disk files. There are a number of methods to do this. Here is what you may need:
    - a serial card plugged into a slot in the Apple II
    - some communications/disk transfer software
    - a cable to your Mac or PC to receive the Apple II disk images
    This is similar to the way I transferred my Apple II disks as disk images files to my Mac. I found that quite a few of my very old 5 1/4" disks might have been bad, perhaps due to age and dust. Once the disk image files were on the Mac, I burned some backup CDs with all of my Apple II disks on it. In this way, I can keep the disks, and use them on Mac, Windows and other systems. Newer systems don't have serial ports and the Macbook Air doesn't even come with an optical drive, but no big deal. Transferring the contents from the 5 1/4 " disks may be the biggest challenge.
    There are other possible methods to transfer the disks using memory sticks, ethernet, and older disk drive technology.

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    Thank both of you for responding.

    Maybe this would be easier...

    I have to say that I am addicted to this game

    It is called Sneakers and I spent thousands of hours of my childhood playing that on an apple2. If there is somewhere I can download it to be played on the emulator, which I do own an apple 2 and the game, maybe that would be the way to get it to my imac.

    I have searched all over the net and I haven't found that one. I hope this question is ok and doesn't break forum rules...... I do own the game and just would like to get it running on my current computer.

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    Look at Macintosh Garden for abandonware games. If it isn't listed there, then a company still has rights on it and you should look at eBay to buy it.

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    Thanks for the tip MacHeadCase, but I do own the game that as far as I know, only ever came in a 5 1/4 floopy disk in 1981; which I have in my bedroom.

    If there is a downloadable version and an emulator that runs it I would love to play it.

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    Floppy? What's that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacHeadCase View Post
    Floppy? What's that?
    Ha Ha, I'm not supprised you have never heard of it. In 1981 things like this held our games. They looked like this.

    You know, you can google and google for something until you have to break down and ask your friends on the fourm where to find something and sure enough, after asking I google one more time and find exactily what I have been working for.

    I would like to thank mmphosis for telling me about virtual ][ that made playing it possible.

    Thank you guys so much!

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    I know what a floppy is. My lame joke was a at the iMac for doing away with floppy drives. But I see that that type of floppy is even older.

    I still have some old AutoCAD files on those around here somewhere...

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    Ah, the memories. Sneakers...
    It's not quite the same feel as playing it on a real Apple II, but there it is.

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    If your Apple II E needs a very loving home where it will be treated like the queen that it is: Just name your price!

    You can even have visitation

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