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    Jan 07, 2008
    XP Install cutting out
    Hey Gang, Ive been having this problem all week, looking around the forums for help, but not finding any. When I install my windows xp (a burned copy) everything goes like gravy, then when It gets to the black screen with the windows logo, it continues to load, then the screen starts to flash with a junble of mixed pixels, like a screwed up NES, forcing me to do a hard shut down. The disk has been confirmed to work on a PC, so what gives? Does mac have a better copy protection system in place than PC or and I just doing this wrong? Any info on this would be great! Like has anybody else succesfully installed off of a burned copy of xp?

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    Jan 18, 2008
    Burned should be fine
    I recently installed XP using boot camp. I had a problem with getting my XP SP1 to work, so I had to slipstream SP2 update into my XP SP1. This required burning a new XP disk which worked great.

    You might be missing the boot loader image off the original disk. Use ISObuster to find the boot loader image, and then be sure your burning program creates this image in the disk image. I used Nero for that. Be sure to select CD boot in Nero, and add the boot image. There are instructions out there and maybe google slipstream service pack 2 to get an idea of the exact directions.

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    Jan 19, 2008
    Angry White Screen
    I bought 2 new Macs last week and the first one installed boot camp and xp on without a problem. Went to do mine today and every time i click on install XP it goes to a white screen and sits. The only way to reboot is to hold down option, command, p &r as nothing works, does anyone have any suggestions at all.

    Why did it work fine on the first machine but not on mine. Unfortunately i have some programs that have to run under windows otherwise i wouldn't bother.

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