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powerbook_g3 01-07-2008 06:05 PM

G3 Wallstreet/AppleWorks?
Hey everyone,

I'm new on here.

I recently got a used G3 Wallstreet. I find it works pretty well for what I wanted it for-internet browsing, sometimes listening to music, sometimes MSN, etc. etc. Sometimes I would also use the notepad, but I really want to get a word processor for it, and I was thinking of getting there a site that I can download this from for free? Something else that was bugging me-when I start up the laptop, it goes comes on with Mac. 9.2, and then I click XPostFacto, and it will restart, going into 10.2.8...if I weren't to restart it in 10.2.8, would it run a bit quicker? Or, if I were to delete XPostFacto, would it run a lot faster with 9.2? What if I wanted to get the 10.2.8 after I deleted it? Could I just download it off a site or something? Thanks to anyone who answers. :)

harryb2448 01-07-2008 10:45 PM

Did you get the restore discs with your purchase? Appleworks is usually included in the Applications disc.

If you delete X.2.8 you need the install discs for that operating system. A G3 Wallstreet with a reasonable amount of RAM should handle X.2 very well indeed.

Here is a link to your machine specifications.

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