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    Need help placing windows on macbook
    Hi all, first i would like to apologize if my english is bad. first time posting on an american website

    i received a macbook as a christmas gift (good gift!), but i have found out i need to put windows on there to run certain programs. i am not really good at computers and am not sure what to do. a friend said to run bootcamp, but when i try to download bootcamp it says i have to have leopard, but i don't have it.

    is there a fast simple way to learn how to dual boot to windows xp? i have my old xp cd too.

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    You are running 10.4 Tiger, the Bootcamp Beta for Tiger has expired, to use boot camp you will need to upgrade to Leopard

    Have a look at this thread

    I think using Parallels or VMWare Fusion are your best bet

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    You can use Parallels Desktop or similar virtual system to run windows within OS X, so there's no need to reboot. This is perhaps the simplest method and with the newer macs the performance is very good indeed.

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    Thank you for the help!

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    For all those who have not upgraded to leopard and had bootcamp partition which has not been removed... just install rEFIt and you'll be able to boot in to the Windows partition also.
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    Where can you get Parallels Desktop? I googled and download Parallels Desktop for mac but the file is .exe and just opens text editor when i try and run it

    edit: figured it

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