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    Boot Camp Windows XP Pro install on:

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    Very weird network problem.

    Ethernet is plugged into ethernet, yet the icon tray has red "x" and says "Local area connection 3 cable is unplugged.

    Then, when I go into network connections folder, it is indeed uplugged, and "Ethernet" is plugged.

    I'm on the Internet, no problem.

    NOW, run the network wizard to join the home workgroup, and I'm told Ethernet 3 is uplugged and that I must plug it in! It doesn't see Ethernet at all. (no idea why there is E and E3, but no E2, but that's probably a non-issue).

    Hold on, cause this is where it gets really weird.

    Switch the plug, and guess what happens.

    Give up?

    It tells me Ethernet is unplugged and I must plug it in!

    Okay, so you don't think that's weird at all huh? Well, follow me on this one:

    I thought I'd be tricky and run the Wizard then switch the plug while the wizard was open. I'm pretty smart you know...

    Well I be flipped if the stinkin' Wizard ain't smarter than me. It KNEW I switched 'em and said the other one was unplugged again!

    I'm guessing this is some kind of driver conflict??

    I know. I'm gonna put the thing to sleep, then sneak down later and swith 'em again. Maybe I can wake it up so fast it won't know what hit it.

    Has anyone ever heard of this one?

    What can be done?
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    The answer is so simple I had to kick myself when I found it.


    On the Mac Pro, you need two Ethernet cables plugged in. One cable is OUT, and the other is IN.

    I'm not a network Wizard I guess, and had never seen a two cable system before.

    I got a clue when I began to ask, "Why are there two Ethernet plugs there anyway? And what would happen if I plugged them both in and ran the Wizard?"

    So now a gotta go buy another cable!
    Patience, persistence, tenacity. The triple threat. If you have all three, you are unstoppable!

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    I am not sure what your solution was...

    I have never seen a computer where you have to have two ethernet cables pluged into to connect to the internet

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    Yes you are correct. You don't need two cables to connect to the Internet.

    If you look closely at my first post, you'll see the Internet connection was not the problem.

    However, I did leave out he important detail that I was trying to connect to a work group.

    That requires two cables on this machine anyway. Theoretically, you can get on with one, but visibility is only one way with one cable. In other words, I may be able to see the rest of the group, but they can't see me. If I switch the plug, the opposite is true. With two cables, the work group functions normally, with two way visibility.

    I've never seen it before either. I suppose it's supposed to speeds things up. I haven't looked at how it worked on the OS X side, but that's definitely how it works on the Windows side.
    Patience, persistence, tenacity. The triple threat. If you have all three, you are unstoppable!

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    I'd guess that you most likely have some network preferences set incorrectly for one of your Ethernet jacks. There is no way that you should need two Ethernet cables to perform basic connectivity functions. Unfortunately I have not had this issue on the Mac, and have no idea where to point you for a solution, other than to make sure that your location and network settings are correct.
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