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    Parallels and Boot Camp 1.3?
    I currently own a MacBook with OS 10.4.11 and my problem is that I want to also put Boot Camp 1.3 beta on my mac. The reason for this switch is that a game called Final Fantasy XI goes extremely slow on download and running while on xp through parallels and I don't understand why its moving so slow with 2gb of ram.

    My first question is that is there a way to increase the speed of parallels so the PlayOnline Viewer (Final Fantasy XI startup viewer) can run faster and the game itself. Is there a way to dedicate more to it or turn off a lot of the mac side programs to make it faster?

    My second question is that if there isn't a way to speed up parallels can I install Windows through Boot Camp 1.3 and not lose any of my current things on my computer. I would like to still run parallels and to also have the option for boot camp for my games.

    My last question is that if there is a way to install both parallels and boot camp 1.3 is there a way to link both so that i do not have to partition another part of my hard drive for a second windows?And will Final Fantasy XI run as if it was on a normal Windows XP PC if I run it by boot camp?

    I'm new to macs so not very good at them any help would be much appreciated but if you can provide a step by step process I would be much in your debt.


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    Not sure why you would want both Bootcamp and Parallels, but have you thought of Fusion? You can trial it for a month for free. I haven't run any games through it but it's been working just fine for me with several windows apps for several months now.
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    Virtual Machines aren't great for gaming although Parallels 3 supports direct x 8.1 it can only utilize up to 64mb of your graphics card (in Window's the gma950 can address up to 224mb.) On top of all that you are basically running two machines on one physical computer which is a resource hog. You can adjust the amount of RAM on your virtual machine in the Parallels preferences.
    Bootcamp is the best for running games however the beta version will expire 31st December so if you still want bootcamp you will need Leopard,
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    I second with nirvana.

    However no need to upgrade to leopard just to use bootcamp. You can get a workaround using rEFIt.

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