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    Old Software on OSX
    I bought a game, Day of the Tentacle, and it plays on OS 7.1. It won't play on my mac it says the system doesn't support it. Is there a way to make it work on mine?

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    What system (Mac) do you have?
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    If you are using OSX 10.4 or earlier on a PPC Mac you can install OS9 and probably run the App in "Classic" mode. If you are using OSX 10.5 or an Intel based Mac (no matter what version of OSX) you are SOL.

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    There are no Classic MacOS emulators out there for OS 10.5 or intel macs?

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    Run a web search for

    mac sheepshaver

    I've no idea how well it performs.

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    Thanks for that tip! I did some searching and foundt that SheepShaver has some pretty good reviews. Here's an article that helps explain how to install it and what you need to run Classic OS versions. The posts in the comments have a lot of helpful comments and links, too.

    SheepShaver can emulate a PPC Mac and will only work with MaOS 8.5, 8.6, 9.0 and 9.0.4.

    BasiliskII (also available as Universal binary) emulates a 68k Mac and can run earlier system versions (up to MacOS 8.1), depending on the ROM file used.

    Mini vMac (separate PPC Mac and Intel Mac versions) can emulate a Mac Plus.

    More about SheepShaver see:
    More about BasiliskII see:
    More about Mini vMac see:
    Forums about Mac emulation:

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    Not sure if it runs under OS X Leopard 10.5.x though. Look at the last update: it was done in 2006... Hopefully it will work.

    Report back if you try it, I'm sure a lot of users will be interested in your assessment.

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    I intend to try it in the next couple of days, but it sounds like it's already been done. Here is a list of "helpful" links and comments I compiled, mostly from the post responses to the article.

    The comment by Liam indicates success on a Macbook Core 2 Duo running Leopard. The comment by Graham has a link to a .zip package he says has full instructions for Intel Macs with screen shots (not sure if that's with Leopard, though).

    Original article:

    MacOS 9 Torrent

    Apple Software Updates of old OSes


    SheepShaver instructions post

    OS 6 and 7 with Mini vMac

    Old Mac Software

    Mac Help Site

    Active Yahoo! Group with links to ROMs:
    Fred January 1st, 2007 - 9:00 pm

    Ok, I just got OS9 booting on SheepShaver. I can understand why some people have troubles. I had most of the issues people had over here.

    I don’t have the retail OS9 CD, only the restauration ones.
    I don’t have access to physical OS9 hardware.

    Here is what I did (roughly, from memory, but each step is quite logical, at the end):

    1) Getting the ROM, legally (I think)

    * I installed Basilik II, with the 7.5.5 Starterdisk that floats around internet.
    * I created a disk image, and installed stuffit on it
    * Shut down and mounted that image in OS X
    * I downloaded that apple update that contains the New World ROM + the .hqx for the Tome extracter
    * I copied them in the disk image
    * I umounted the disk image
    * I rebooted basilik and extracted the ROM file, copied back into the disk image
    * I shutted down basic, mounted the disk image, and got the ROM back
    * POinted sheepshaver to that ROM

    2) Getting a Mac OS 9 install

    * I created a bigger disk image for OS9 (could probably have used the same one as before). I think I used SheepShaver, but I am not sure.
    * I mounted that image (Name: TargetOS9.img)
    * Inserted the OS9 *RESTORE* CD. In it, there is a folder with a disk image of the installed partition. I mounted this partition in OSX, and copied the “System Folder” into the OS9 image (This image cannot be booted by SheepShaver directly, I think it is because it is a HFS+).

    3) Blessing the System Folder:

    * Umounted the TargetOS9.img, the “restore” image, and umounted the CD
    * Inserted the OS9 installation CD
    * Booted SheepShaver (it booted on the CD., and mounted the TargetOS9 disk)
    * Cliked my way to the unblessed system folder and Command double-clicked on it.
    * Going back to the root of the disk, the System Folder was now blessed
    * Shutted down sheep shaver, and eject the CD

    Relauch. Enjoy.

    Now, MAYBE, I could have avoided that step 1 by taking the ROM that is inside the System folder of the Mac OS 9 disk, butI am too tired to try this now.

    BRUCKWINE May 22nd, 2007 - 12:40 pm

    Here’s a way for file transfer I found on ambrosia bu I still get the “program that created the file cannot be found” error!

    3. In the SheepShaverGUI application, choose to create another Hard Drive. It doesn’t need much space on it, just enough to transfer any files that you need. You can call it “Shared” or whatever you like and save to the same folder as your ROM and “HD” (the “Sheepshaver” folder)
    4. Now open Sheepshaver again. It will ask to format the “Shared” drive that you just created. Let it do so. Shut down Sheepshaver when that is done.
    5. Now navigate to your “Sheepshaver” folder. Inside, it should have both the original HD image and the new Shared hd (or whatever you named it). Please note: I do not mean the “Share” folder, as I said that is non-essential and I don’t use it. Right-click or File > Get Info on the Shared hd.
    6. Under name and extension, add the end “.iso” (without quotes). Close the Info window. OS X will ask if you want to add the extention or not. Click “yes” or whichever button keeps the extention.
    7. OS X now sees the Shared hd as a mount-able disk image. Open it and place a copy of the files inside the mounted HD disk image. Now eject the disk image
    8. Return to “Get Info”, under name and extention, remove “.iso” from the end. OS X will ask if you are sure you to remove it; yes you do.
    9. Now open SheepShaver again.
    10. You should see the Shared hd as a Hard Drive on the desktop. Open it and drag files into your HD image. Cythera is now installed in SheepShaver.

    You can use that method to transfer anything you want to from OS X to SheepShaver. Just be sure that you remove the .iso extention each time before you open sheepshaver


    Liam November 10th, 2007 - 1:00 am

    Hi All,
    Just wanted to share my experience installing this software on my MacBook C2D running Leopard.
    I used the ‘Software Install or Restore’ CD that came with my old G3 - these are easy enough to come by. The ROM file is on the CD inside the System Folder - just copy it in to the Sheep Shaver folder.
    I created the disk image in SS GUI, allocated RAM, then proceeded with the install. This went fine, but once it was done and I booted up for the first time, it crashed. I scrapped the drive, created a new one, and this time I did two new things: 1) turned off ‘update apple hard disk drivers’ in the ‘options’ section of the OS install software. 2) set the root directory in SS GUI to my home folder 3) created the disk image on the root level of my hard drive. Now it works fine.


    Graham Hay November 29th, 2007 - 5:46 pm

    This is for all those souls who have been trying in vain to get Mac OS9 to work on their Intel Macs using SheepSaver.

    It is for all those who read the smug posts here from those who HAVE successfully installed it but then don’t bother to pass on any useful or comprehensible tips in a language that regular English speakers can understand. There are loads of loud statements here from loads of experts that make it all sound so easy but the number of posts begging for help are testament to the flakiness of this programme.

    I have posted on my web server a zipped folder that contains: The SheepSaver Application, a Mac OS ROM that works and a step-by-step instruction sheet WITH accompanying screen shots of the whole process of installing SheepSaver AND Mac OS9 on your Intel Mac.

    Despite all your doubts, it does actually work. It does NOT work at ” … blazing speeds …” as some would have you believe. If you are familiar with Virtaul PC then you will be familiar with this ‘version’ of OS9. But at least it mostly works and that is what we are all after isn’t it?

    The address is:

    Send me an email if you have questions (

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    Well, after a lot of messing around, I was finally able to get OS 9 to work in SheepShaver. I had to e-mail Graham (the guy who wrote the tutorial above), and he was awesome in helping me out.

    Be sure that you use Mac OS 9.0.4, and that if you burn a disk image that it is pristine. I used Leopard's Disk Utility to burn the CD.

    Now to see how well some of the OS 9 applications run in this emulated environment....

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