Hello Guys!

I found some infos on the net that it is possible to connect the XBox360 HD-DVD Drive to a Mac.
But there is no Playback software for commercial copy-protected HD-DVDs on the Mac, am I right?

So maybe it is possible to install Win XP via BootCamp and to run the drive within Windows?
But is the Mac mini (Core Duo with 1.6 Ghz and 1Gb Ram, end 2006) strong enough to playback HD-DVDs?
Can I output the movie via the DVI-VGA adapter to my Pioneer Plasma?

I want to turn my mac mini into a mediacenter running Front Row and if needet Windows (bootCamp) and it would be great to by a 149 HD-DVD Drive and connect to Mac mini.

Thanks in advanve for any help!

Markus from Austria (Europe)