Ok so im installing a copy of windows vista ultimate. Under the boot camp beta it ran fine and i had no problem. OS 10.5 comes out (second in line) i pick it up and run home, wipe and repartitioned the drive. Then i went to install my copy of vista (oh how i hate vista but its a visual step above xp) it installs flawlessly. The drivers install flawlessly, and everything works. I restart and everything works. I install all my programs, and what do yah no i restart and everything works. I don't go on the net in vista and i have a very good antivirus. So vista continues to work flawlessly for about a week. Then i go to start it up, it boots fine. I log in. The desk top loads up (for about 5 seconds), then the computer powers off. Im not talking about just shuts down, im talking as if i yanked the power cable from the back. The screen just goes black the fans spin down then the gong of the apple startup. then it repeats those steps. I checked the install with the vista disk, everything was fine. I tried booting in safe mode. It works sometimes, and not others. I have reinstalled my copy of vista probably 10 times sense leopard has come out. I have now put xp back on, and every once and a wile the same thing happens to xp, but on the next start it works fine. Any ideas.

Oh im running a 2.16ghz macbook pro, 2gb of ram, 100gb drive, ati x1600. Thank you for the help and if anything was misspelled i apologize, it was late when i typed this.

Oh also just a side note, wondering if someone can answer this other question, i have a nice 20 inch monitor and i want to use this with my macbook pro's lid closed under xp, what setting should i change because right now, when i close the lid the computer goes to sleep and no matter what i do i cant wake it up (mouse, key board). Its annoying because on top of that, i cant make the external display my primary display under xp. witch causes my apps problems if they are not run on the primary screen. So yah can someone tell me how to ether make the external display the primary display or how to set xp to where i close my lid and the external display become the only screen. (oh and right clicking on the desktop going to setting and going to the display settings, ive tried and the make display 2 your primary display is grayed out) Thank you for your time.