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    Does the Bootcamp Beta still work
    Because I have not installed Windows on it yet but dont want to go to Leopard because of the bugs it is having.

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    Yes, I am pretty sure that Bootcamp Beta should still work. Although I have now installed Leopard and it is working perfectly so far. I do not notice any difference from Tiger + Beta.
    Mind you I am still exploring at the present since I am all new to Mac OS and use only windows apps at work.
    Good luck with beta and eventually Leopard.

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    If it still works (which I am not sure that it does), it will not work for much longer, its a timed beta, and will expire on a certain date. The date that apple said was "When Leopard is released" so if I had to bet on it, it is already expired or will expire with in the month.

    The bootcamp in Leopard, is the same bootcamp, it is just no longer in beta status, so if / when you get Leopard, you will not have a problem installing windows on your system.
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    My Bootcamp Assistant beta expired Oct. 1st and would no longer open.
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    I have installed the beta version twice now with no problems. As far as I could tell, there was no beta time bomb.
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    my beta edition 1.4 stoped working saying it has expired. So I just downloaded 1.3 and that worked fine. I did change the date back a year aswell when using it but not when I tried 1.4 so maybe thats why it did'nt work?


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    In order to use any of the versions of the Boot Camp betas, you'll have to change your date settings - anything before September 30th will do. After you'd installed it you can reset your date; the assistant won't work anymore, but your Windows partition will still work fine.

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