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    Windows Vista not installing, What am I doing wrong?
    I do not know what it is that I am doing incorrectly. I installed the Leopard OS from scratch (erased original Tiger OS) and I created a separate partition using Bootcamp so that I could install Windows Vista. I have a Mac Mini, 1.66 Ghz Intel Core Duo, 1.25 GB 667 Mhz DDR2 Sdram and a 80Gig HD. My system is updated as per the instructions I have read on the site. I have even gone into Disk utility to verify/repair the Bootcamp Disk. When I run Bootcamp assistant and "Start the Windows Installer," my system reboots into the Windows mode where it appears as if it's reading the Vista disk and it's going to start installing Windows files and then it just stops. My screen stays blank/black and that's that! Nothing more! I have to turn my mini off then back on and hold the option key to get it to run back into Leopard again. Please help! I don't want to go to Tekserve or Apple store and have them charge me an arm and a leg just to install Vista.


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    I don't want to sound like a troll but not installing Vista is probably the best bet anyhow. The operating system is really just a dog right now and you may want to wait until SP1 is released in 2008. I'd really recommend you install XP for your Windows apps.

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    Thanks to ChrisF79's reply regarding my dilemna, it brought upon a light bulb in my head. I disconnected my Mac Mini from my 47" Toshiba Regza, LCD TV and connected it to my Dell monitor. It worked perfectly! I was able to install Vista without a hitch. She's running beautifully now. I don't know too much about Vista as of yet but hopefully it isn't as doggish as ChrisF79 feels it to be.

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    Glad you got it to work! I do agree with ChrisF79 though.

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