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    Cant start up in OS9, Classic works from OSX.
    Hi, I have a 733mhz G4 running 10.4.10 with 1.25G of ram . I have os 9.2.2 loaded to one hard drive and osx on another. I can launch classic no problem from OSX, however I have an external M Audio Sound card that plugs in through the serial port. Classic does no recognise the hardware at all, even with the drivers for 9.2 loaded. So I was hoping to change start up disk to run 9.2.2 and be able to run my original Sound programs.

    Every time I reboot in OS9 it flashes once on the gray screen and then OSX overides the reboot and Im back where I started. I have tried holding the option key as I restart and only OSX on one of my hard drives come up. In the startup preferences I can see both the OS9 and OSX system folders.

    I have searched the forums here and elsewhere and I havent been able to find a solution that works. Will I need to re install 9.2 ( even though It works through OSX?? ) in order to allow me to start up in 9.2 ? Is there a way to get classic to recognise the hardware ?

    Any suggestions will be appreciated .


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    Unless you can go into OS 9 with the install CD and tell it which boot disk to use your best bet would be to reinstall OS 9 on your secondary(slave?) hard drive.

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    I think you have to have 9.2 on a separate partition for it to boot into os9

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