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    Question Fusion for PCxp to Mac Leopard
    I will need to transfer my programs and OS from a windows XP pro to the new Mac which I will order on 10/26. Major concerns are extensive Lotus 123 spread sheets and photographs. Hopefully, I will want to work on these within the new Mac. All are on NTFS hard drives (internal and external). Other than "Boot Camp" I am considering the Fusion products. Anyone have any experience with the above? To me VM is "black magic. Any pitfalls I need to be aware of? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm running the 1.1 Beta of VMWare Fusion w/ WinXP Pro on my Macbook, Core 2 Duo. I've had a few crashes, but nothing killer as yet. I did upgrade to 2GB so I could increase the memory available to the VM. I mainly have it for a couple of games, and for running SolidWorks 2007. So far pretty satisfied.

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