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    Question Boot Camp and time sync issues
    Has anyone come across time sync issues when dual booting Macs with 10.4 and Windows XP Pro SP2?

    When you boot up the time seems to be an hour out but when you login it auto-corrects itself to the correct UK DST time. This seems to play havoc with Group Policies esp. MSI software deployment.

    Any ideas?

    I found an article on Universal Time registry setting, yet to try it out ...
    but other ideas are welcome

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    Aug 04, 2007
    WEll I found a solution using this registry fix so that the time is correct before Windows boots up:

    HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInfo rmation
    RealTimeIsUniversal = DWORD:1

    When you reboot the Group Policy should apply straight away and any software will install via MSI. :-)

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