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    Macbook - Linux triple boot issues - HELP
    Hi All, I've been trying to get Linux onto my Macbook in a triple boot scenario. However, after going thru a lot of howtos and a lot od resrouces, I cannot seem to get linux to work.

    Installed MacOSX
    Resized volumes using diskutil
    Installed Refit
    Installed Win XP
    Synced GPT/MBR with Refit
    ********All good so far, I have a fully functional Dual boot system*******

    Installed Fedora Core 7, the installation finishes succesfully with GRUB installed on /dev/sda3.
    Resync GPT/MBR with Refit.
    Reboot and Refit does not see the Linux partition or does not give a option to boot linux.
    Reboot holding the ALT key and still no linux option.
    Both MacOSX and Windows boot fine via Refit but Linux option does not seem to come up anywhere.
    Can boot into the Fedora install with the rescue CD and do everything but I do not want to use the cd each time to boot into linux.
    Thought it might be a issue die to windows so redid everything without windows, used Ubuntu this time and still the same problem, cannot see linux under the boot options.

    The GPT table
    1 EFI system (FAT)
    2 HFS+
    3 Basic Data
    4 Basic Data

    The MBR table
    1 EFI protactive
    2 HFS+
    3 Linux
    4 FAT32 LBA *
    The FAT32 partition has a * against it indicating it is active.

    Is there something very obvious I am missing here. Is there any workaround? Has anyone had this working before. Please help, been trying to get this to work since 2 weeks now...

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    It sort of sounds like what I got when I tried having 3 primary partitions, you can only have 2. Maybe thats the problem. - forum for fun people

    Irssi, client of the future

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    Try VMware fusion or parallels ..... it supports more number of OSs as long as your disk can support it. I am running Winxp and SuseLinux on VMware Fusion without any issues.

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