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    .xlsx Files on Excel 2004 for Mac

    I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a file converter, or how I can open a ".xlsx" file on my mac version of excel. When I try to open it, it just comes up as gibberish.


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    I Know you asked about mac excel, but iWork's Numbers opens xlsx files. MS did release a converter for docx/xlsx files though...

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    I installed the converter for Mac since my school promptly upgraded everything to 2007, but I still can't get the new files to open with Office 2004.
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    To convert and open Word 2007 docx or Excel 2007 xlsx files try "docxconverter 2.0". See:

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    Use NeoOffice
    docxconverter is crap at converting multi-worhsheet xlsx files as the only real option is as a csv file which breaks the single workbook with multi-worksheets file into multiple csv files... one for each worksheet... daft!!!

    use NeoOffice... (latest version, can't remember about the earlier ones)opens xlsx files with no problem and you can them either save them as xls files for Office 2004 or work on them and save as the xlsx file if you want

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    You can use this here..

    Have lots of 2007 files myself and this work just fine, no issues. Run it and drap/drop your file(s) and your done.

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