I am about to retire my old G4 to the computer graveyard. Before doing so, I would love to export my old Claris Emailer files. I haven't used Emailer or the files for five or more years, so they are not hugely important. But it would be nice to have them --- I guess I like to keep an e-mail archives just-in-case. (Same reason I have boxes of canceled checks, I suppose.)

I've read all the Google postings about exporting Emailer files, and have tried the various scripts and pieces of software (Emailalchemy) recommended. None have worked. They do not seem to recongise my Emailer files as being Emailer files.

I think my Emailer files are from v 2.0x, but just in case they're still from v 1.0x I installed Emailer 2.0x and tried to upgrade the files, but without any success.

Do any of the "old timers" out there have any suggestions on how I might be able to do this? I would like to export them into Entourage (on my new MacBook), or into Outlook 2007 (on my PC --- ouch, sorry), or into any searchable database format.

I am also happy to pay someone to do this for me. It's a bit like hooking up a CD player --- I won't remember how to do it the next time, and technology will have changed anyway. So I'd be thrilled to bits to have someone tackle this project for me.

All suggestions most welcome. Thanks!