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    3/4 of a desktop?
    Yesterday my Mac OS 9.0.4 computer spontaneously developed only 3/4 of a desktop -- almost all of the icons moved into the upper left-hand 3/4 of the screen. I am able to move the icons back into the blank spaces (to the right and to the bottom), but that little bar that usually sits at the bottom of the screen (it pops in and out with a click and contains icons for various utilities) is permanently stuck about 2 inches higher than it's supposed to be. This has also caused some text to show up weirdly on the left side of the screen in certain programs. What happened? How do I fix it? And what is the name of that little bar?

    Thanks so much for whatever advice you can offer.

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    The little bar is the Control Strip.

    You might want to check your monitor resolution.
    If that isn't it, then you might need to Rebuild the Desktop
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    I already tried rebuilding the desktop and it appears to have had no effect. What is the resolution that you think it should be?


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    To move the Control Strip bar back to its place, I think I just had to drag it holding down the Option key.

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    Hooray! Holding down the option key and dragging it back down did the trick! Anybody know how the whole thing happened in the first place?

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    I used to get that sometimes out of the blue, sometimes it would be an application or game that would change the resolution of my screen but when I would quit it, it wouldn't reset it back to what it was before.

    Glad your problem is solved.

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