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    Angry College Dilemma: Need a solution for running IE 6.0
    Ok Sorry If i sound upset, but here I go. For my math class I have weekly assignments that I have to do online through a online resource called . Heres the problem the online thing only accepts Windows Xp computers Running IE 6.0 with activeX controls. I have tried with firefox, no go.

    First, I contacted my School IT department and they said I would be able to get a free copy of windows xp through download from the school server. So I downloaded a copy of WinXpsp2.exe. Going off this Knowledge I ordered Parallels believing that would be my solution. Unfortunately, i was informed that the windows xpsp2 is only an upgrade and not a full OEM. I can not use their software to run bootcamp or use Parallels. I am not asking for information for illegal downloads of XP, but I need some sort of help please! By the way I have an Intel-Based Mac 2.16 GhZ 1.0gb of Ram 120Gb hd.

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    Find out if your school offers any discounts on a Windows license. If not, your best bet would be to pick up an OEM copy from an online retailer such as Newegg. XP Home should run you somewhere in the vicinity of $89

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    the site seems to work for me...were u able to load the site? or is it a problem when you try to log in?

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    It's logging in and running their player to do the math problems online.

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    You can still get the discontinued IE for mac here; that might do the trick:

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    Quote Originally Posted by voided3 View Post
    You can still get the discontinued IE for mac here; that might do the trick:
    Doesn't work. I tried it with CourseCompass last year. I just had to use my roommate's PC. There's some MathPlayer plugin that they have only for Windows versions of IE.
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    If the site uses ActiveX then it's Windows-only. You'll need to pick up a non-upgrade SP2 CD.
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    You could run IE within OS X by using Crossover...should work fine. And it won't cost you that much...

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    My son had the same problem with his online school work we solved it with lthis

    If you go to the safari tab and tick the DeBug mode You will get an extra menu in the menu bar in Safari

    Follow the drop down menu in Safari to User Agent and choose IE there

    It may work it may not it worked for us

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