I bought a new 20" iMac in August and it has been brilliant. However when I received the unit I wanted to install Bootcamp to run HL2, CSS and other games. When I installed bootcamp I went through the process and used my Windows XP disc which was previouly used on an old PC I had built.

When Bootcamp booted into Windows there was only 1 partition available which was called C and was 130GB. I wanted an 80GB partition and this obviously didn't look right so I turned off my computer. This resulted in a fatal error.

The mac wouldn't boot up, I tried resetting PRAM, holding down X, holding down option etc. I looked on the Internet and noticed that there are many people who have had the exact same problem and this doesn't appear to have been addressed by Apple.

Links to the same problem:



Thankfully as it was only a week old I was able to replace the unit and I am now I am sitting with a replaced unit.

The point of this thread was that I wish to install Bootcamp as I want to play games on this beastly machine :p. As the previous copy was linked to an old PC I think this may be the error so I am looking to buy Vista.

My question is should I get the 64bit or 32bit version of Vista?

I was also thinking of buying an external hard drive so that I can backup my OS incase anything goes wrong again. However If the same problem occured I would not be able to boot off the disk again anyway as it could not access an external drive as it was seriously broken.

Sorry for the long post however I think it is a problem people should be aware of as it can really mess up your mac.

Thanks in advance.