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    Unhappy Control Strip Causing Problems!?!?
    My 700MHz (OS 9.2.2) flat screen iMac keeps freezing, and when I do [Comand option escape] to force whatever is causing the problem to quit, it invariably comes up with the message "Force "Control Strip" to quit?" ....

    Norton Disk doctor doesn't find any problems, TechTools Pro doesn't either, I've even re-installed the system and that didn't help either.

    I've been using and maintaining my own network of Macs for over ten years, but this has me well & truly stumped

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    Probably the control strip extension is at fault. The CS extension uses more memory than it requests from the system. (This shows up in Conflict Catcher's warnings.) This can destabilize the system and cause random freezes. You can use ResEdit to increase the memory allocation or you can disable the extension if you don't use the control strip.

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