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Thread: imac do not start after fresh installation

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    imac do not start after fresh installation
    hi i have imac 450 dv with mac os 9. it was getting very slow so i thought i should do clean fresh install of mac os 9 (i have cd). then i format the whole disk from cd boot and then install clean os 9.everything went good but when i restart the imac -- it did but when it comes to show window part it shows only blinking earth icon continually. and do nothing.
    it has 20 gig of drive and format it as 1 whole partition of 20 gig standard

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    The flashing earth icon is because the system is looking for its operating system on a network. Can you boot holding down the Shift key so it disables Extensions and then go to your Control Panels and select the hard drive icon in the startup volumes or startup disk.

    Or maybe holding down the Option key on startup works in OS 9 as well as in OS X.

    Sorry, it's been a long time since I used OS 9 and my memory is failing me now... Ack!

    Edited to add:

    Doh! DB beat me to it.

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    Did you use the Imac OS dics that came with the machine,other wise when you nuked the drive you lost the firmware.

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