Hi there

I'm a relatively new mac user, and I bought a 15" Mac Pro with the 2.4 Gh processor. I successfully installed bootcamp and i've been up and running with XP2 for the past few weeks.

The past few days however, I've been encountering completely random freezes on the XP side. Once it was after logging off when trying to log back on, a few times while using firefox, and once while doing a pretty simple task in Illustrator. I typically have no more than two applications open at once.

The only difference over the past few days has been that I'm suddenly manually connected to a network via an ethernet cable, whereas before I was only using wifi. I can't seem to figure why that would have anything to do with the random freezes though.

I've checked for updates, ran malware, and nothing seems to make a difference.

Can anyone suggest other troubleshooting tips for random freezes in XP?

Much thanks!