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    Uninstalling parallels and windows
    I am thinking of getting rid of parallels and installing windows on bootcamp. How do I uninstall parallels? Do I uninstall all of windows programs, windows, and then parallels? Not too sure how to do all this.

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    When installing an OS through Parallels it creates a file on your Mac hard drive which acts as a virtual HD for Parallels. There is an option within Parallels to remove an OS, using this will delete this HD file. There is no need to uninstall applications in Windows first.

    I used Parallels for a while then installed Bootcamp for a native Windows install. The latest build of Parallels allows you to use the Bootcamp partition instead of a virtual HD. This give you the best of both worlds. If you use this method change the configuration options in Parallels from the Windows virtual HD to the Bootcamp partition, then manually delete the virtual HD file.

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    Exclamation Parallels is okay but I need to uninstall Win XP
    Being paranoid about viruses, I tried to install XP Pro under a separate user, but failed to give that user admin privileges so I think this is source of problem with installation. I have fixed the user perms but XP still not working properly (Even though Parallels tells me that XP is running, XP is stuck in an MS-DOS window with the message "Boot from HD...") so I want to uninstall XP and start again.

    Thread says there is an option under Parallels to uninstall an OS, but I am not finding it. I searched through softcopy of manual and not finding relevant directions.

    Anyone know what I should do? THANK-YOU (I am already regretting opening the MS Door!).


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    p. 240 of the Parallels Desktop for Mac user guide: "Deleting Virtual Machines."

    You might try reinstalling Windows in Parallels with the correct admin/user features, or trying the free trial of Fusion instead. Boot Camp has its own issues, as the posts on this forum will attest. You can run Parallels or Fusion off a BC partition, however certain features (e.g., "snapshots") won't be available. There are advantages to not having to reboot to run Windows programs and to be able to run them side-by-side with Mac programs. But deleting the Windows installation is very simple if that's your goal.


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