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Thread: Help Me Please!!

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    Help Me Please!!
    Okay who can help me please?? How the F do you install Virtual PC 6??

    I install as it instructs, then it says it cant find the OS? I have the Windows XP CD... when do i insert it? How do i install it as its an .exe file???

    I hate windows, but need it as i want to play on PokerStars with my Powerbook.

    I have a G4 Powerbook 1.67Ghz 1.5Gb Ram... OSX 10.4.10

    Thanks for any help... step by step instructions would be fantasti

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    Well Pokerstars for mac has been announced for some time now and there have been alphas released of the same. You can get into that action buy emailing a request to

    As for your Virtual PC problem, I'm not sure how to help you.

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    Sep 03, 2007
    I've emailed them many times.... only two days ago they said they still have no release date for the Mac version, just its been in develpoment for a long time and still has lots of problems.

    Thanks for the info tho i will email them again now and see if they will offer me the beta version


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    Virtual PC
    Their should be an option in Virtual PC to capture your CD/DVD drive. This gives Virtual PC direct access to an CD/DVD you insert. If you haven't created a new Virtual Machine already, do so now, one of the presets should be an XP installation. Once this has been completed insert the XP CD, capture the drive and reboot the Virtual XP Machine. The Windows XP installation should start automatically.

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