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    Partioned hard-drive

    Stupidly, when I made the partition for windows xp I made it too small - only 20GB. Is there any way to expand this without deleting the partition and starting all over again?



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    From what I've heard this is not possible. There may be a third party tool which will resize the partitions but I haven't come across any which support HFS and NTFS. This method could also distroy both partitions.

    The most common method for resizing the Windows partitions is to use disk imaging software to make a back of the Windows partition. Then use Bootcamp to remove the Windows partition and create a new bigger one. Finally use the disk imaging software to restore the backup image to the resized partition. This saves having to reinstall Windows.

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    Command line
    What you can do is backup your Windows XP using NTBackup to a .bks file.
    Then run Boot Camp to remove the existing Windows partition and then run Bootcamp again to create a new bigger Windows partition, install XP again and run NTBackup to restore all the Windows files, drivers, apps, settings etc.

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    This NTBackup has a Boot CD? The main problem is how to restore the Windows Image. You must have software that boots in the MAC. I’ve tried Norton Ghost and Acronis True Image boot discs and they don’t work in the MacBook Pro because they do not recognize the Apple keyboard.
    To solve this I use "Vista Bootable LiveCD Portable Edition" or BartPE + Acronis True Image.
    I’ve this problem because I have 3 partitions in my MacBook Pro (OSX + Windows XP + FAT32_DATA) and when a new version of BootCamp is available (like the 1.4), the Boot Camp Assistant doesn’t create the CD Drivers because it founds 3 partitions. This is the main problem of BootCamp. It should create the disc drivers even if I haven’t a classic BootCamp disk partition (only 2 partitions). So I have to create a image of my Windows XP partition, then go to OSX, run BootCamp, make the entire disk to 1 partition, then run BootCamp Assistant, make the CD drivers, shut down the BootCamp, create again the other 2 partitions (for Windows XP and FAT32_DATA) and then restore my Windows XP image, and finally install the new BootCamp drivers.
    This is what I do every time that comes out a new version of BootCamp. Why doesn’t Apple provide the new Windows drivers in their support website? Why BootCamp need a 2 partition configuration to provide the CD Drivers? Why doesn’t BootCamp support more than 2 partitions configuration? Well, I hope that Apple hire more qualifying engineers to make their BootCamp software…

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