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    How does installing and uninstalling work in general.
    I have posted about this a little bit before but am still confused.

    I downloaded a program called mount me which had a program called mount me and a folder called 24u installer - don't delete yet. I looked at that and installed it. The read me said:

    This will install the 24U Appearance OSAX, ver 3.01, into your either your /Library/ScriptingAdditions/ folder or ~/Library/ScriptingAdditions/, depending on what you select (All Users or Current User, respectively).

    Now I've decided I don't want it so how do I uninstall it? There is no uninstaller so do just have to manually remove the files from wherever they are on the computer.

    I guess what I'm afraid of doing is taking stuff off and then getting errors later on about files missing. I don't understand how programs intergrate with mac OSX.



    P.S. what's the delete button when using Windows. Backspace doesn't work.

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    its command+Delete to delete a file/whatever.

    As for your former problem, try this program AppZapper. I don't know what 24U is and how it functions so I can't really say, but in general, we just take applications from the Applications folder and dump em in the trash. It does leave some files behind but they don't affect the system in general....Appzapper cleans all those left behind system files (I dn't use appzapper).

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