Hi all,
I'm relatively new to this gig, so my apologies in advance. I'm trying to run some classic OS biology software (paup) on my intel mac. After a bit of a struggle, I've managed to install OS 8.6 via sheepshaver. I've been able to install other software no worries (e.g. Macclade), but with paup, when I try to run it I'm informed that this version is expired and I need to update it. The problem is, when I download the update through OSX I cannot open it in 8.6, and I don't know why. It says I'm unable to do so because it can't find the program that created it. Anyway, I tried installing an early version of stuffit expander to see if I needed to extract directly in 8.6, but alas I can't install that for the same reason! Can anybody help a poor biologist out in this time of need?