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    Question Do I need Extensis Suitcase?
    I am a graphic designer who uses all the typical apps like Photoshop, Quark, etc. and am slowy making the switch to Panther on one of my Macs in the office. I'm accustomed to using ATM in 9.2 and am also aware that OSX has font management capabilities, correct? Apart from System fonts, a quick Get Info shows that I have 5,000+ files (maybe not individual fonts) in the folder that I have ATM pull from in 9.2.

    That being said, should I still pick up a copy of Extensis Suitcase, or will the built-in OSX font management be sufficient for that many? Are there any other OSX font management programs that are "better" for a designer?


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    unfortunatly the built in Font Managment in Panther is not good enough at present, we work with photoshop CS, Illustrator 10, Indesign CS, and Quark 6.1 and I find the Suitcase is a must.

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