I thought I would post this as a source of knowledge and experience. This is for all those who do not have an XP SP2 Integrated disk and cannot create one themselves.

Bootcamp states that you need SP2 CD to install Windows XP, but I managed to get it working using a standard Windows CD.

You can install Windows just fine once the system restarts with Bootcamp installed. The problem occurs once in Windows and you try and install the Windows drivers as written onto CD by Bootcamp. The installer will not load without SP2 XP or Vista.

You could try and download the full .exe of SP2 and install that, but that did not work for me because it said that there was not enough space on the HDD and since I had not installed anything yet, there was nothing to uninstall to free up this 4Mb of space!

(I tried deleteing unwanted files, like MSN Gaming Zone (16mb) but this did not help).

You can install the drivers from the CD manually by opening the CD and double clicking the relevant packages. For me the only one I needed was the Marvel file which contained the Ethernet controller, once this is installed you can get online and install SP2 normally.

I have a new iMac and looked at the tech specs to find the Ethernet Controller name, then found the file on the CD.

I hope this was of help to someone.


Some sort of disclaimer: If this does not work for you then it's not my fault. Try at your own risk, as always.

Edit: Well I have been greatly mistaken, even when trying to install SP2 from the web I still get the error No Enough Disk Space - free up an additional 4mb!