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    installing OS9 onto powermac G3 from iMac CD
    About a year ago, I purchased an OS9 installation CD off of ebay. When I received it in the mail, it turned out to be an iMac OS9 CD along with instructions on how to use it to install OS9 onto a powermac desktop computer. I followed the instructions and had no problems using the os for about a year. However, recently I've had some extension conflict problems and I tried to reinstall OS9 from the cd but I couldn't get the installation program to run. I have moved twice since I bought the cd and have lost the instructions. Does anyone out there know the procedure for using an iMac CD to install OS9 onto a beige powermac G3 desktop?

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    The site has made available a couple of tools for fooling install disks. This link will download a CSM to change temporarily the machID of a machine to one the installer CD will accept.
    PS: the machID for a 333mz iMac is 406

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