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    Need Help
    I just swithced from PC to Mac and so far I love it...

    But, one thing I have is a lot of saved video files and I like to watch videos on the net. I need some sort of program like windows media player or realplayer to watch them and I cannot. I've tried downloading WMP on the internet but it is a .stix file. I've tried downloading the .stix and it does not work.

    Can ANYONE please help me out with this??? thanks.

    if you go to, one of my favorite sites...and try a play a movie clip, it wont let me...People keep telling me to download "flip4mac" and it still does nothing...PLEASE ANYONE?

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    May 30, 2007
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    An SITX file a StuffIt X archive (like a ZIP file) that opens with Stuffit Expander.

    Also, you might try downloading Media Player 9 directly from Microsoft. They've got it available in HQX format.

    Flip4Mac can be found here.

    It seems to me, though, that you really need to get your player expanded/unzipped and installed before watching any films. So your first stop ought to be to StuffIt's website, and then move onto selecting a player.

    Good luck, and keep us apprised.



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