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    Problem installing Virtual PC 5
    Hey guys. I'm brand new to Mac land and finding many difficulties. I found great amounts of help on the PC Guide and am hoping for as much here. I have a G4 which i'm running OS 9.2 on. I don't have enough memory or OSX to run Virtual PC 7. I've done some research and tried downloading several things for Virtual PC 5 and i'm getting nowhere. Apparently the application has a bug that won't let you verify the software. There's an update to fix this, but I when I finally tracked it down, I can't get it to be recognized. It's an SMIL file and I read somewhere that only OS X will read it. On my PC it shows up as a Real Player document. I tried downloading bootlegs and various other type things, all to no avail. No matter what I get, and i've tried versions 6 and 7 too, just in case, the Mac refuses to recognize the file. It says something like it doesn't know the application which created the file. Is there a version of Virtual PC 5.0.4 that I can get my hands on somewhere, cause I can't find one anywhere. My PC recently got fried in an electrical storm and I got lots of files and programs I still need to use. In theory, this should work out great for me. I just can't get the ball rolling. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    SMIL means synchronized multimedia integration language. SMILs usually are RealPlayer files.

    The Mac's invisible desktop file that keeps track of applications and their documents might need rebuilding to connect the file to the proper application. In all likelihood, the file is compressed with Stuffit, and you need to decompress it with Stuffit Expander.

    To rebuild the desktop, restart the Mac while holding down the Command and Option keys until a message appears asking whether you want to rebuild the desktop. Click on yes.

    If that doesn't fix it, try to open the file, despite it's SMIL name, with the free Stuffit Expander for OS 9. Drag the problem file to the Expander icon, or start Expander with a double-click, then go to Open in the menu bar and navigate to the file.

    If you don't have Stuffit Expander, look for it at, or When searching for it, click on the Mac Classic sections of those sites, not OS X's.

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