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    Bootcamp - right Alt key question
    Is it possible to map keys so i have dedicated right alt key and dedicated delete button. I'm asking because ctrl+alt(option) is not working in office 2003... when i pres for example ctrl+alt(option)+s to get ''ś'' it wont give me ''ś'' it will start dividing window in two... any ideas how to get it fixed?

    regarding delete - i use delete a lot i windows and moving my and from mouse to press [fn]+[<--] is very inconvenient.

    is there any way to for example change key next to one [+-] to work as delete and swap apple keys for left and right alt and get rid of apple key (that works as windows key)?

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    cheers guys i found solution myself...

    for those interested:
    little program called KeyTweak

    you can remap anything you like...

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    Thanks, I'm gonna try it out now!
    Marinus Snyman

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